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Last summer, I went camping with my parents, sisters and brother. On the way, it was an exhilarating adventure because my dad drove the truck with a 26-foot camper. It was literally a house on wheels! We had everything in there: kitchen gear galore, tightly rolled up sleeping bags, a radio to keep us busy.

After arriving at our campground and settling in, my mom told me I was allowed to bike around. I got to meet two new friends. They spoke French, which allowed me to practice mine. Sky had brown hair with a little bit of black in it. She was friendly and we enjoyed an excellent chess match. My second friend was Bella. She was ten years old. She had a good sense of humour and taught me a lot of French jokes.

Halloween Poem

Halloween Night

Witches fly on brooms

They scare you

Their cats are black

And they say BOO

Skeletons are dancing

In a haunted house

They go clackety clack

And swirl all night

I see a witch

Casting a spell on a cat

Abracadabra! the cat is now a mouse

Squeek squeek squeek

A hairy monster will come after me

I better run or he’ll catch me

And he might catch you

Run for your life

The vampires are thirsty

For tasty, red blood

You better scurry on home

Or he’ll catch you too

Mummies murder you

If you walk by

They’ll turn you into a mummy too

And you don’t want that!